New Client Questionaire -  For new clients only.    

Please answer the questions below before making an appointment. This will help you determine if our work resonates with you. If you answered yes to all of the questions then see below and sign up with Nikki Fleck for your first appointment. If not, then we suggest you explore alternative options with another practitioner to better suit your needs.

1) Are you willing to look at symptoms as a way your body is communicating with you; asking you to change things?

2) Are you willing to look at the mind, body, spirit connection of your illness or symptoms?

3) Are you willing to change your eating habits which includes eliminating foods you are sensitive to (most common is dairy)?

Answer the following only if you have been diagnosed with Lyme’s disease:

Our recommended protocol will entail a major lifestyle shift and includes eliminating alcohol, soda, caffeine, cigarettes, drugs, sugar, dairy, gluten, soy, peanuts, night shade vegetables and many cosmetics and toiletries. Are you willing to work into this?

For new clients only: All clients will see Nikki Fleck first, to start the nutritional protocol.  If your health challenge needs more than dietary and supplement changes, then your subsequent visits will be booked with Julia McLean.  Please sign up for a new appointment with Nikki Fleck on-line.   You will receive an email to fill out a Nutri-Q survey. Also, bring to your first appointment: the forms on the website, all supplements and medications you are taking.


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